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A New Edition! 


  When Does Human Life


 Scientific, Scriptural, and Historical Evidence Supports Implantation

By John L Merritt, MD & J Lawrence Merritt II, MD


In this new edition, medical doctors, researchers and pro-life advocates, John L. Merritt and J. Lawrence Merritt, II,  tackle the critical debate of when does human life begin ... presenting compelling and persuasive evidence with far reaching impact on:

Stem Cell Research Issues

Debate of Abortion Practices and Laws

 Reconciliation of Scientific, Scriptural

 and Historical Positions

The objective of this new edition is to investigate the beginning of human life and present answers that provide evidential “common ground” acceptable to the varied positions in the scientific, spiritual and historical communities.

Their analysis has led to the conclusion that on the eighth day after fertilization, life begins within hours of the implantation of the blastocyst into the uterine mucosa.

When the embryo receives oxygen from the blood --- life begins.