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Third Edition!                                                When Does Human Life Begin?

The elusive answer for the question, “When does human life begin?” is one that has not been fully resolved.

This Third Edition reviews the status of current medical thinking as well as the history and traditions of the beginning of human life. Startling scientific evidence shows that fertilization is not the final step in creating a new life and scripture never refers to fertilization. The scriptural evidence clearly states that life is in the blood. Ultimately, an inclusive analysis reveals how the implantation of the blastocyst into the wall of the uterus—eight days after fertilization—completes the requirements for a new individual life.

Implantation is the time:

  • When the blastocyst receives the essential nutrients and oxygen from the mother
  • When the blastocyst becomes metabolically active and growth occurs
  • When genetic imprinting has completed the new genome
  • When the blastocyst truly becomes an embryo
  • When the breath of life is first given
  • When a new life is truly “conceived”